Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Lesson in Poetry

Today I taught a lesson on poetry at one of my schools. I told the students about how to make rhymes, and how to count syllables. The assignment during class was to write a cinquain and a simple ABAB poem, and here are the results for each group. It should be noted that many of them have only heard poems in English through music, and that this was their first time ever trying to write anything artistic in English, essentially. We did not have time to proofread them, unfortunately, but I think there is something to be gained in reading these little bits of imagination given shape before they try to grind them into that mold forcibly. Perhaps we will not revise them.

Poems written by Third Year Students at Ouse Middle School, Class 3-1

Simple Rhyme Poems (ABCB)

Many people fall the holl
Because there was the holl in front of a book store
Many people fall the holl one after another
I looked it.

A man was standing in a sea
He rang a bell.
Then, something fell!
It was a shell.

It was raining
Haruki find out a snail
He threw away it
After that it went into the pail

One day, a boy talked with his friend.
I’ll give you my pen.
Oh, Thank you.
But I already have it ten.


It’s Snow
I’m in my room.
I’m playing the video game
It’s exciting and very difficult
Good Bye

I am
On the big tree
I’m seeing people under the tree
People looking on the big tree
It’s me.

I am
By the big sea
Looking with my pritty dog
We want to swim toghether there.
But cold.

I was
Eeating much food
In the beautiful beach
Then I was swimming in the sea
It’s panful

He was
In a sea then
Ringing a bell many times
After seven hours he saw
A Shell

He is
On the many birds
He dancing pop dance there
The birds starting be very painful
They died.

Class 3-2

Simple Rhyme Poems (ABCB)

One day, I went to Tokyo
I bought a bag.
Next day I went to America.
I bought a flag.

One day, in the morning,
My mother is making a pie.
For my father.
My father is wearing a tie.

One day, it was rain
There was a pail.
It was blue.
The something staying by the it was snail.

My family went to a trip.
Among the trip, we went to the sea.
We saw a lion for the first time.
So, We didn't free.


We are
In the Class room.
Studying with our friend.
We are studying English together
It's fun

One day
I ate a pie
It was so delicious
I thought that it was like a dream